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This deep, woodsy & smoky scent transports you to the majestic Sequoia forest.

 How to use

Personalize your Sequoia fragrance by adjusting the scent intensity, setting custom schedules and utilizing away mode within the app.

CAUTION: Not recommended for topical use or to be ingested. In case of irritation, consult your doctor or veterinarian.

 Scent notes

Top: smokey incense, peppercorn, nutmeg

Middle: cedarwood, leather, vetiver

Bottom: sandalwood, wood embers, musk


Green & Woody Fragrance Class

Nutmeg Oil: sustainably sourced to relieve and elevate.

Eugenol, Isoeugenol, Limonene, Linalool.

 Safe & sustainable

Gluten free & vegan fragrance
Cruelty Free Home Scent
Non-GMO kitchen scent

Pura fragrances are thoughtfully designed to never include harsh chemicals. We avoid ingredients known to cause potential harm to health or the environment.

Every fragrance is safe and ethically sourced.

Sequoia by Abbott


Deep, fresh, woodsy

A blend of smokey incense, cedarwood, and sandalwood to mimic the beautiful forests of Sequoia National Park. Inhale the towering trees and dense air with a scent that brings the wild to you.

California Mist

Impactful and Held

Rain and mists in California bring a certain life to the skin and the mind. Adding held impact to this scent is the dew that often surrounds the woods of the trees and the pine in the air.
Abbott Powered by Pura
Sequoia by Abbott

Interact with Nature

Carefree Wilderness

The fresh and light scent of sequoias require interaction and attention to detail. This diffuser fragrance helps you to feel the pine in your fingers and the musk in the air that surrounds a carefree wilderness.

Ethically Sourced

Giving Back to Nature

These scents are made conscious of your health and the environment. While making sure we are giving back what we are taking, proceeds of Abbotts revenue goes back to Sequoia Parks Conservatory.
Abbott Powered by Pura

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