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Upgrade your space with smart fragrance. This starter kit sets you up with everything you need to customize and control your home fragrance experience, including two best-selling scents created with a couple of our favorite brand partners, a fragrance sample pack so you can try out some of our other scents, and a bunch of savings. (No smartphone included—that one’s on you.)


The Best Sellers Starter Kit includes:

  • Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser
  • Volcano by Capri Blue
  • Big Sky by Abbott
  • Sample pack

 How to use

Personalize your scent experience by adjusting the scent intensity, setting custom schedules and utilizing away mode within the app.

Please use as directed. Keep your device upright and away from furniture. We recommend 24 inches of clearance above and around the device.

Learn more here

 Safe & Responsible

Pura fragrances are thoughtfully designed to never include harsh chemicals. We avoid ingredients known to cause potential harm to health or the environment.

Every fragrance is safe and ethically sourced.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children and pets. IRRITANT: May irritate eyes. May irritate skin. Do not get on eyes, skin, or clothing. Do not allow oil or wick to come in contact with furniture; oils may damage finished surfaces.


Customize your fragrance experience

The Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser allows you to customize your scent experience with premium, designer-grade fragrances right from your phone.

- Control from anywhere with the app
- Create custom schedules
- Adjust scent intensity
- Use away mode
- Swap between 2 scents
- Light the night with LED ambient nightlight

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