Welcome to the world of Archipelago, where luxe fragrances and home essentials inspire the art of living well.

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How it started

The Archipelago story began in a small Santa Monica studio, overlooking the cluster of Catalina islands that inspired our name. Our first candles and fragrances were crafted there, using a handful of essential oils and natural ingredients. Almost 25 years later, we continue to honor the ever-changing rhythms of life by creating products that bring a sense of calm and discovery, always representing the natural wonders around us.

How it’s going

With beautifully curated fragrances that instantly calm and take us to different times and places, our vision of inspiring the art of living well becomes a real-life practice. Partnering with Pura gives our customers an immediate connection to memory through scent, helping us to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

Pura helps our customers experience a new method of fragrance delivery that is smart and effective, continuing our hope to inspire daily rituals with uplifting scents that give you moments of reprieve whenever you need.