2021 Shipping Delays

What is causing our current shipping delays?

Due to the global pandemic, there is a worldwide material and shipping shortage affecting many industries—especially tech companies using an electronic microchip that allows products like cars, washing machines, phones, and our Pura device to function. The microchip acts as the “brain” of our device, and the shortage of these chips has greatly impacted our suppliers’ ability to keep up with demand. This is one of many shortages affecting our device production.


Who is affected?

Anyone whose order includes a device. Rest assured, most fragrances are in full supply, so subscriptions and fragrance orders of in-stock fragrances should ship out on time.


What is Pura doing about it?

  • Increasing communication with our customers via our website, social media, and email in order to give regular updates.
  • Answering customer service inquiries as quickly as possible.
  • Shipping orders out ASAP as device shipments arrive at our warehouse.
  • Meeting daily as a company to discuss the status of the situation and determine solutions.


How long do we expect this to be an issue?


Other things to note:

  • To check out the status of your order, head here.
  • Customers are charged for their order when the order is placed, not when the order ships. For more information on shipping, orders, returns, and more, head here.
  • Your order number can be found in your confirmation email. If you need to reach out to our customer support team, be sure to have your order number ready so we can more readily assist you.
We’re committed to doing everything we can to resolve the shipping delays. Thank you for your patience! We love our customers and are so grateful for your support.

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