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We know that Pura doesn’t always have the fastest delivery times—trust me, we’re working on it! But, we do believe in full transparency, and doing anything that we can to help out during this process. For your convenience during this time, all of your shipping and delivery questions and clarifications are here in one spot, to help you rest easier about your current or future orders! Read on to get your questions answered!

Why are there sometimes delays?

As with a lot of products, the manufacturing and creation of your Pura device has many steps, that are done in many different places. When any one of these steps sees a delay, it slows down the rest of the steps. Due to the global pandemic and immense company growth this year all thanks to you, there have been a couple of factors that have slowed down some of the steps in getting a Pura device to your doorstep.

The main factor is the new precautions and safety regulations that have been implemented to keep all people as safe and healthy as possible. This has slowed the process and doesn’t allow us to get as many devices as quickly as we’d like, but we feel that it’s extremely important at this time. Along with this, there have been shut-downs and pauses in some areas of the process that we don’t usually see, as well as more sales than we anticipated at certain times (we thank you for that, truly). Despite scaling manufacturing over 1,000%—yes you read that right—your incredible support and love for Pura is still causing us to sell out quicker than ever!

So what are we going to do about it?

We are working super hard and are currently in the process of making changes that will make the manufacturing and delivery process much smoother, simpler, and closer together so that we can eliminate some of these issues. We have already started to switch places, lower future shipping times to a 300% increase of what they used to be, and add more help to vital steps in the process so that we will be prepared for any future set-backs or high sales numbers!

We also will do the best we can to make sure that you are aware of how long your device will take to ship, if devices are on pre-order, or when you should get your order. If we see longer times than we’d like, we also do our best to make up for it (at least a little bit) by keeping you updated with information and discount codes or fragrances on us!

What can I expect during the holidays or busy sales times?

Make sure you order sooner than later! For this holiday season, we have on our website the dates you will need to order by to have your orders in time for Christmas. To be extra safe, we’d suggest ordering before then just to make sure! We have some killer deals coming up, so get ready! Just be aware that orders might be a little slower than you’d like, and have patience that your order will come in time if you order before the dates posted.

 For the future, keep an eye out for notes and information on the website as you order, and any emails you receive regarding order information. Hopefully, we will get most of this resolved soon and shouldn’t see many delay issues in the future!

Thank you for your part in Pura.

THANK YOU for being a part of Pura and for helping us grow to insane places this year that have passed our wildest dreams. We also want to thank you for having patience with us through all of our hard work in making this the best process and experience for you. We hope that you’ll stick with us as things get better and better, and kindly give us feedback and help along the way. Please reach out to customer support if you have any questions or needs!

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