Not All Fragrance Is Created Equal

Smart home fragrance device controls Golden Mimosa scent

From the very beginning, the vision of Pura was to have scents with worry free ingredients that would be safe around children, pets, and well everyone. Over the past few years while working with the top fragrance scientists, and one of the largest fragrance manufacturers in the world, as well as working on our advanced technology, we were able to come up with a fragrance free from all chemicals and toxins.

One of a kind scents

Cozy blanket, reading a book with my Pura smart home fragrance diffuser

Let me give some background on why some brands would put harmful ingredients into their fragrances. The government allows quite a bit of harmful things to be put into fragrances, and a lot of companies take advantage of that because it is easier. When I say easier, what I mean is that certain chemicals help preserve the fragrance, intensify the smell, and have an overall better performance to the consumer than it would without using the chemicals.  

Strict Guidelines

Custom packaging that brings beautiful floral scents to my house

As a brand we came up with new technology that allows us to produce fragrance that does not contain any harsh ingredients. By allowing the user to choose the intensity of the scent, as well as other customization features on the app, no harmful ingredients needed to be used. Did you know Pura has stricter guidelines than even the top hotels? And not to mention that we have created premium fragrances that smell incredible. You can really tell the difference between our scents and other grocery store air fresheners.

Quality Ingredients

Flowers and natural ingredients are used in the Pura essential oil based diffuser.

Each ingredient that goes into our fragrances is tested and made sure that it is of the highest quality, and in the purest form possible. There are no additives, chemicals, or toxins in anything that is Pura branded. It has been our goal as a company from the very beginning to offer scents that we were comfortable diffusing around our families and our pets. This is the Pura guarantee!  

Vegan, Non-GMO, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free Home Fragrance Scent Dispensing System

We know that navigating the world of clean home fragrance can be a daunting task. We hope this helped clear the air, and if you have any more questions our fragrance scientists are happy to answer any question!

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