Make Memorial Day Memorable

Tips and Scents to Make your Holiday Great

Summertime Is almost here! We want to make sure you kick off the season right, while enjoying a great holiday made for remembering selfless people and those you love. Read on for five tips on how to get the most out of your Memorial Day!


Remember Those you Love

While this holiday is all about honoring people who have served for us and those we have lost, make it a priority to show your love. Write letters to people you’re thankful for and want to remember, whether they have passed on or not. Especially the veterans! Send a simple text, email, or written letter to people you love and want to thank for impacting your life. Visit with people that you care about, and remember the purpose of this holiday, and make it positive for you and your family while enjoying the extra time together!

Get Outside

Memorial Day is known for welcoming in summer, so take advantage and get outside! Find activities that interest you, while still staying safe and distant. Hit the pool, go on a run, hike, or bike ride. Nothing is more refreshing than staying active and getting the fresh air you’ve been needing. Try something new and do it with your favorite people!


Scent the Mood

Freshen up your surroundings! The first step in creating a fun and loving atmosphere is making sure the smells set the mood. Scenting translates to your fun activities just as much as it effects you while sitting at home. Some of our favorite scents for memorial day are Aloha Orchid, Yuzu Citron, Canvas, and for a smokey new outdoor feel, Charcoal. Plug in your diffuser near the backyard to ring in that summer picnic feeling!

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Start Cooking!

Try some new food recipes! Whether it’s Pinterest watermelon art and a summer-themed feast, or whipping out the grilled goods with the boys, we all want to come together with something that unites everyonegreat food. Check out some fun new recipes here, and get cooking!


Chill Out

Rest and relax. Whether quarantine has felt like a break for you or not, we always need to welcome a day to help us chill out and sit back. Don’t feel like you have to do it all, and give yourself some needed space from busy work, studies, or media. Avoid becoming nose blind to smells inside, or the things keeping you from giving yourself the good times you deserve. Enjoy yourself and those around you!


Better days are coming, and we want to make sure you are at the forefront! Spend Memorial Day honoring those who have served us, and make sure people you care about know it, because that is what will truly bring happiness and let the good times roll. To make it even better, don’t forget those warming plug-in scents to set the mood and get the memories in the making!

How will you make your day memorable?


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