Introducing Charcoal

  The Edgy Scent You've Been Waiting For

Enough flowers and sweet thingswe’re feeling edgy. Introducing the perfect blend of musk and masculinity, Charcoal by Apotheke is here and making a bold entrance! The freshest scent to bring strength and serenity, while also helping you feel powerful and capable, this charcoal fragrance is exactly what your diffuser has been calling for.


Welcome Bold

Smokey notes of cedar and sandalwood, balanced with pure amber and oud, this is a charcoal scent you won’t soon forget. As one of Apotheke’s most popular fragrances, sending it pumping through your home with Pura will give your space the smell and feel that you didn’t know you needed. Charcoal has toxic-absorbing power to kick any bad smells, while also being known to help your skin and digestion. Purifying and absorbing, Pura couldn’t be happier to welcome and offer the endless benefits of this new charcoal scent.

Boys, this one’s for you! Beautifully manly while keeping it fresh, this scent works perfectly for any office space, man cave, game room, or garage. Cue the boys nights, sports parties, hard work, and good times all with a scent to keep people intrigued. Slip the odor-eating fragrance into your boy’s room or mudroom to drown out the stench, and turn every smelly room into a place you want to hang around in!

As one of the best room scents on the market, let Charcoal transform your space into a cool, unique, and captivating place for anyone who smells it. Explore for yourself to see what Charcoal can do for you!

What Makes It Special?

Aside from being fresh and captivating, this fragrance has a lot more good to offer.

Naturally Derived

Charcoal is naturally derived from plants, herbs, and woods to create the cleanest fragrance.

Best Quality

This scent is carefully crafted by world class perfumers to provide fine fragrance for your home.

The Pura Guarantee

Vegan & Gluten free fragrance


100% free of animal-derived ingredients. Safe for those with gluten sensitivities.

Non-GMO home scent


Free of harmful toxins in the form of artificial preservatives.

Cruelty Free fragrance


Completely free of any form of animal testing and is completely pet & kid friendly.

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