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Helping you Make ends Meet During Quarantine

Pura has heard some of your stories. We’ve seen some of the struggles and difficulties you’re facing right now, and we can’t just let that slide. What a time in the world, and while it may feel like everything is going wrong and that you’ve hit rock bottom, I will tell you that things will get better! People are coming up with amazing ways to help other people, and Pura wants to be a part of that and help you find out how to get back on your feet.

As we are more than a home fragrance diffuser, we have some ideas to help get you moving and shaking again, and maybe even help you find something new that you love!


Join the Pura Team

Become a Pura Ambassador! This is a simple, fun, and interactive way to pick up some extra money. All you need to do is fill out an application, and then post and spread the word about Pura. This will earn you commissions and Pura swag, as well as discounts and exclusive products, just like that. And here’s a hint, it’s pretty easy to get people on board with such a lovable product! Find out more about ambassadors here.

Pura Ambassador

Build Your Profile

With business shutting down and so many people out of work, it may seem like getting hired or picking up somewhere new is hopeless. This is not true! Some companies are hiring, and some are hiring more than they have in the past. These may not all be glamorous jobs, but they can help get you through until times get going again. Indeed, a job search company is wanting to help people find work right now, and building a profile there and on similar sites like Linkedin might bring up some great options near you.


Man Working

Explore New Industries

From watching a lot more TV lately, I’ve seen tons of commercials that are being made to encourage people and get them work. Some of the top industries that are hiring and need more help than ever are: the food industry, they need extra help and support with high demands and changes in how they do things; the tech industry, zoom and slack need more help as they are taking off, and there’s always room for people who can work with technology; and delivery services, as they are needed and offering a lot to help to people who need it. Check out this article for even more areas that are looking for people like you!

Food Industry

Get Talking!

One thing that we can’t take for granted is our PEOPLE. We are learning a lot about this right now, and we are all discovering how valuable our relationships are. Talking to others will not only get you through some of what you are feeling, but it may also help you get to a place that you need to be as well. Through communication and finding out what others need, you might discover what you can do or help with, and possibly find some valuable work. Never underestimate the power of communicating and networking with those around you and finding out what people need, and today it’s easier than ever to reach out.


Women Talking

Try Something New

Test out new skills and put them to the test! Baking, crafting, tik toks, you name it, all of these are extremely popular right now, and if you find something that you are into and even kind of good at, capitalize on it! Bake some cakes to cheer up a neighbors birthday, offer lawn or house work, sell some of the jewelry you’ve made, or offer a five dollar home fitness class for your friends. People are sympathetic right now, especially as friends, and they want to help you! Get fun room scents like NEST Moroccan Amber and Yuzu Citron pumping to motivate you, then get to work!


Just because you’re quarantined doesn’t mean you should feel pressure to become the next Martha Stewart or coding wizard, so make sure you’re taking this time to relax and give yourself space. Know that things aren’t going to be normal for a little bit, and it might take time for things to get better. But people are here for you, and businesses are here for you because they’re made up of people. Pura is here for you because Pura started with people in mind, and those people are what matter. Keep looking out for more ways that Pura gives back, and become a part of that, because the smell is nice.

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