The Best Easter Gifts During Quarantine

  Brighten up your Easter with These Simple Gift Ideas  

Easter basket with Pura fragrances inside


Don’t let the doom and gloom get you down—pick yourself up with gifts for a bright Easter Holiday that carries the hope of warmer Spring days. Pura believes in purifying your home, and these fun gifts will help you do just that. Take a look at some ideas that are perfect for family and friends, or even splurging a little for yourself (we won’t tell).


  • Give the gift of Pura! The Pura device and fragrances make for an amazing gift item with its' sleek packaging and easy delivery, so stock up on the freshest Pura scents. Here are some of the yummiest fragrances to welcome the smell of Spring into your life:

Capri Blue Volcano will energize and lighten your home with a dynamic citrus zest.

Nest Cedar Leaf & Lavender holds a sultry and calming aroma to help find your zen.

Apotheke Sea Salt Grapefruit brings the Summer warmth you’ve been longing for!



  • Next up, CANDY. Cadbury Eggs are a must, Reese’s, Robin Eggs, Peeps, Sweetarts bunnies, all the sweet things. Don’t ever feel guilty about a little sugar!


Easter Candy


  • Flowers—real and fake will brighten up the mood and welcome Spring! If you want some that last forever, find some great options here, or plant easily with these options for quick blooms.



  • Two words: plush animals. Nothing says Spring more than baby animals in the softest fabrics. Cuddle them no matter how old you are, and they’re guaranteed to make anyone smile!  



  • Quarantine and crafting go together like eggs in an Easter basket. Tryout different crafting ideas to help you deliver delicious Easter treats, and these might also give you a great place to gift and deliver your Pura!



Being stuck inside doesn’t mean we don’t get to celebrate special holidays and being with the people we love. Show those people your appreciation and gratitude for them during trying times with Pura fragrances and Easter gifts. Pura encourages your home to feel safe and healthy while fostering an environment to tell your people what they mean to you, bringing in the Easter spirit a little bit faster.

What will you put in your basket?


Pura Smart Home Fragrance Device

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